4 Pics 1 Song cheat, answers, solution level 80

4 Pics 1 Song - Level 80

4 Pics 1 Song is the best iOS and Android songs trivia app. Developed by Game Circus LLC for all music and trivia lovers, it now has millions of fans. Here you find all 4 Pics 1 Song answers and solutions, updated with the newest levels! 4 Pics 1 Song cheats will guide you through the entire game! Follow our level guide or use search for what you see in the image to find the answer. The 4 Pics 1 Song solution is just one click away!!

4 Pics 1 Song  red ladybug, 4 girls dancing, bird hummingbird design, bird on branch, Level 80


red ladybug

4 girls dancing

bird hummingbird design

bird on branch


4 Pics 1 Song  alarm clock timer, calendar clock, fly eyes, hawk bird flying, Level 80


alarm clock timer

calendar clock

fly eyes

hawk bird flying


4 Pics 1 Song  beer bottle with condensation, fan blowing at man, girl drinking water, penguin with sunglasses, Level 80


beer bottle with condensation

fan blowing at man

girl drinking water

penguin with sunglasses


4 Pics 1 Song  money cash, money currency, green trees forest, money growing on tree, Level 80


money cash

money currency

green trees forest

money growing on tree


4 Pics 1 Song  firewood lumber timber, man cutting down trees, man cutting down tree, man carrying fallen tree lumber, Level 80


firewood lumber timber

man cutting down trees

man cutting down tree

man carrying fallen tree lumber


4 Pics 1 Song  pageant contestant girl, missed arrows on target, jackson money cash, tap dance shoes dancing, Level 80


pageant contestant girl

missed arrows on target

jackson money cash

tap dance shoes dancing


4 Pics 1 Song  girl and boy smiling, three girls smiling, two girls playing drawing, girlfriend and boyfriend hugging, Level 80


girl and boy smiling

three girls smiling

two girls playing drawing

girlfriend and boyfriend hugging


4 Pics 1 Song  green checkmark, school report card with A’s, girl female, girl holding two thumbs up, Level 80


green checkmark

school report card with A’s

girl female

girl holding two thumbs up


4 Pics 1 Song  love potion, sale tags % off, for sale sign blank, girl with wall of hearts, Level 80


love potion

sale tags % off

for sale sign blank

girl with wall of hearts


4 Pics 1 Song  man proposing to woman, girl with boyfriend ball and chain, man pointing to self, man kneeling proposing, Level 80


man proposing to woman

girl with boyfriend ball and chain

man pointing to self

man kneeling proposing


4 Pics 1 Song  volume graph, three people singing with mics, man with sunglasses singing speaking, crowd of people talking, Level 80


volume graph

three people singing with mics

man with sunglasses singing speaking

crowd of people talking


4 Pics 1 Song  girl with microphone singing, 4 children singing, fox singing with mic, woman singing hair song notes, Level 80


girl with microphone singing

4 children singing

fox singing with mic

woman singing hair song notes


4 Pics 1 Song  fist punching through wall, man doing karate breaking bricks, ice cubes melting, ice floes breaking, Level 80


fist punching through wall

man doing karate breaking bricks

ice cubes melting

ice floes breaking


4 Pics 1 Song  colorful rainbow star, green eyes in the dark, blue eyes, smiley face with star eyes, Level 80


colorful rainbow star

green eyes in the dark

blue eyes

smiley face with star eyes


4 Pics 1 Song  man in grey suit shrugging, man with question marks, man and boy with heart balloon, hearts and questino marks, Level 80


man in grey suit shrugging

man with question marks

man and boy with heart balloon

hearts and questino marks


4 Pics 1 Song  girl pointing at self, radio tuning am fm, dog superman hero, race first place, Level 80


girl pointing at self

radio tuning am fm

dog superman hero

race first place


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4 Pics 1 Song

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